5 interesting referee costumes

Halloween is around the corner, and we know that every year, people from around the world dress up. They pick various cartoon characters, superheroes, and so on and so forth. One costume that never dies is the referee uniform. It is as old as sports themselves. We would love to see that same person at bar blowing their whistle step onto the court, but we will save that pipe dream for another day. For now, it's about who wore the uniform the best...or the weirdest.


We cannot imagine how this guy walks around in that thing. We are not even sure we understand how he put it on. But it is definitely not traditional. He should have chosen black socks, but if he was going for laughs or awkward looks, he nailed it. We all know that one ref who comes into that first game a tad bit overweight. Don't be that guy (or girl).



It is always nice when a celebrity recognizes your talent... for those who do not know, that is 5x Pro Bowler Demaryius Thomas! It is probably a subtle jab to the infamous replacement referees in the Fail Mary game, but we will take the joke in stride. Complete with a belt, wristband, and fake glasses, we commend DT on a job well done.


Fun Fact: That is not a real basketball. However, it is a real stomach. This couple wanted to show off their soon to be child in a fun fashion and came up with this creative fit! We absolutely love it, the basketball painting has great detail, the matching head bands is cute... it just works.


So is this what everyone thinks? That we just be blindly make calls?! The nerve. The audacity. But its all for fun so we'll let him make it. And no disrespect to any blind person, that is a hard life already. But this one job where seeing is imperative to the duties. Calls get missed even WITH vision. Plus, we don't want refs getting so upset to where they start beating up patrons with the stick. That would be bad for everyone involved.

THE LADY - The call is too subjective to determine

Let us be honest for a second, officiating is about making the right calls even when 50% (or more) of the gym is going to disagree with you. We think the lady above would have even more of that problem then normal. Complete with a red belt, red hat, and high heels, she might have some trouble getting to the right angles. But for Halloween, she is in dress code.

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