Where to find referees

You are a company about to have a charity basketball tournament. You are a new league about to host your first few weeks of flag football. You are a local fitness and sports club that is tired of your current referee options or you could be expanding and need more. Where do you find new officials? You have quite a few options.

Local Chapter Associations

- Every sport has their own local chapter of referees that assigns referees to games for sanctioned matches. When I say sanctioned, I am referring to middle school, high school, and college matches. These matches have official statistics counted for them, scholarships on the line, and generally are well attended by local fans. And because these games have multiple schools playing across different cities and different competition levels, they require assignors to dole out the games of varying skill levels to referees. The chapters train, meet, and require payment to run the referee system. However, in the off season of the respective sport, many chapter leaders also take up the task of assigning to recreation leagues for the simple fact that they have the connections.


-Assignors are older referees who usually have younger referee underneath them and doles out games at long scale facilities such as Frisco Fieldhouse. They can be third party contractors or also referee games themselves. It can be a momentum task, with hundreds of referees, games, payments, disputes, and calls and texts to answer. Frankly, at some places, they can underpaid relative to how much work they do but they definitely have a purpose.

Word of mouth

- If it sounds easy, its because it is. Every person in the US knows someone who has played or is currently playing organized sports. And every sport needs a referee. Its good side money, flexible, and constantly in demand. You probably know a someone who is an official and you just don't know it. If you do not personally, you can always go to your local gym and just talk one about your sports event. Chances are that they are either willing to help you out or know another referee who does. It's often compared to a fraternity and that is pretty accurate. It's a small world.


- We maybe a little biased but this is definitely the best choice. With the SportOfficials app, you have the opportunity to pick your own referees. You can post a sports event with all your information and watch as qualified officials request the games or you can personally invite them out so you can never have a gap in your needs. You can see an officials rating, experience, and have the option to accept or decline the referee. Best of all, you can facilitate payment through the app to keep it simple and organized. What's not to like?

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